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Rechargeable Callous Grinder for Feet

Rechargeable Callous Grinder for Feet

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Speed:Two-speed speed regulation
Waterproof level:IPX7 Waterproof
Rated Power: 6W
Charging time:2.5hours
Working time:150 minutes
Color:Gold, Black

【NEW Electric Callus Remover】 Using the rotary planetary gear design, our electric callus removes dead skin from feet more effectively in a larger area than the traditional roller type and has a super vacuum The function can absorb fine dust and dander when rubbing feet, which is very suitable for men and women looking for professional dead skin removal at home.

 【3 Replacing the grinding heads】 3 different quartz sand grinding heads. The coarse grinding head can remove stubborn dead skin, the medium grinding head can remove rough dead skin, and the fine grinding head can be used for daily care. You can choose a suitable grinding head for your skin, get rid of dead skin and hard cracked skin on your feet, and restore delicate and smooth skin on your feet.

 【2 adjustable speeds with a button】 2 adjustable speeds, 1700 rpm at low speed and 2200 rpm at high speed. Low-speed mode is suitable for daily care or slightly dead skin, high speed mode is suitable for stubborn calluses on the heel. An electric foot scraper would effectively solve the problem of bacteria growing on the interstices and protect the health of your feet.

 【Durable and rechargeable】 Equipped with a high-quality motor, safe, efficient, and energy-saving, it is also proven to stay much longer than others. Built-in 1200mA battery capacity, USB charging time for 2 to 2.5 hours, it can work powerfully continuously for 80 to 150 minutes.
【IPX7 waterproof】 IPX7 waterproof body design, the whole body can be rinsed under running water. You can turn on the product and keep the grinding wheel running for 5-10 seconds when washing, which can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Three types of grinding heads
1. For hard and hard grinding head.
2. For medium dead skin grinding head.
3. For a smooth grinding head for daily foot care.

LCD and USB charging port
1. Information on how to use the LCD screen is more intuitive and clearer.
2. MICRO USB Charging Port - It can be used for 150 minutes after charging for 2.5 hours.

Easy to clean
Efficient and fast cleaning-IPX7 waterproof function, you can easily clean the whole machine. When you clean the product with clean water under the tap, you can turn on the product and leave the grinding wheel running for 5-10 seconds, which can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

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